The kids sayings!

23.3.12 Alina “mama, look how many willies that dog has!”…said about an obviously suckling female dog.

21.3.12 Alina turned and said to her friend, who i was speaking Spanish to, “fiona no habla espanyol” (fiona does not speak Spanish!!)

Feb 2012 overheard Alina in the toilet saying “out you come caca” then in a different voice “but I don’t want to
Come out”, then “you have to come out now”!!


Fiona’s mum has decided she doesn’t want to be called ‘Granny’, as it makes her feel old. Instead she has declared previously that she wanted to be called Kate-Lila by her grandchildren. Today however she has decided she wants to be known as ‘Mama G’, no doubt inspired by the following movies, singers, and local heroes: